Shawn at 4
Ruby Hummingbird was born in the back seat of a Morris Minor convertible in 1956, the same year that the hit song FEVER was sung by Peggy Lee.  Ruby maintains that she heard the song too many times as an infant and has not been the same since!

Harp pixy
Ruby Hummingbird began playing the Harp in 1984 after giving birth to her first child. Ruby had a recurring dream that she played the harp to soothe her infant and she followed her dream and learned to play!  After graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ruby moved to Pennsylvania in 1990 and started the Sassafrass Harp business with her Harpmaker husband, David. 
Ruby has 5 Harp CD's:
Harpist for All Occasions
O Joyful Harp
Woggi Noggi Dream
Hip Harp Hooray

Uke ruby

Ruby began playing the Ukulele in 2006 and sings original songs for all ages.
She has 3 Uke CD's:
Short and Sweet

Woggi Noggi Day
Pa kids
Visual Art is embedded in everything Ruby has produced since age 5 when she discovered tilting the camera!
All of the videos on this site were produced by Ruby, including filming, editing, music, props and conceptual content.